Tuesday, March 22, 2011


*sigh* its just me, my blog, and the record player. yes, record player. we're both closer to thirty than twenty, and enjoy the sound of vinyl and buy more records than cds or mp3s. its interesting how the bands we listen to are releasing new music on vinyl more often. i am also learning to listen to more music as we are canceling our cable contract. its just too much money that can be spent more wisely. and so, the channels we get on the antenna are the basics, and countless pbs/ public stations. even as an art teacher, i can only take so many "happy, little trees."

grade three, for the most part, finished their Mona Lisa portraits. I have been dragging my feet with grading this week. I want to transition the third graders into using rubrics. and I know next week I will have countless hours in the morning to get work done, with standardized testing going on. needless to say, the rubrics are made and I will finish grading by the end of next week. here are a few interpretations:

Phantom of the Opera Mona

Mona in the Hat

Mona Mom

Mona Ms. Cameron (our Principal)

(unfinished) Mona in Space

Bruins Mona

(unfinished) Sleepy Mona

the Moooona Lisa

we talked about what makes the Mona Lisa, the Mona Lisa and what to add to our portraits to tell the viewer that we looked at the original. We also looked at a powerpoint of other artist's interpretations and discussed why this was such a monumental portrait and why it is famous. We tried to include things similar to the original horizon line, the river or mountains, her clothing and the position of her hands. I think they did a fantastic job and wish I could say the same for my camera! (I really want to get a new one. not necessarily an SLR, but maybe one a step down. still, $300, gotta save up!)


  1. Sarah - I love this!! I have been on here looking at all your students art work! I am amazed by the grades and the talent of the children!! I love your stories about teaching! I can't wait to keep reading! Miss you!!

  2. Happy little trees!! Yikes!! Is that show still on public tv with the guy with the ridiculous curly hair? I listen to public radio, but stopped watching public tv much when my son (now 22) outgrew Shining Time Station.

    As a teen in the 60's and in college in the 70's, I collected lots of vinyl, still have them all, and still play them! CD's are missing the wonderful cover art, and the ability to play Beatles' songs backwards to hear stuff like "I buried Paul"!

  3. Hey...this was the only way I knew how to answer your question & to make sure you got it!!! I'm not sure how your camp is set up. Our district sponsored one is 5 days from 8:30am-2:30pm. We usually do at least 10 to 15 projects during the week. Each summer we pick a theme. Egyptian, animal, under the sea, folk art,..etc. This summer we're doing a TV theme...so we can really do a little bit of everything!!! We'll do a painting from National Geographic, make a paper cord vase for HGTV, create our own cartoon for Cartoon Network..etc. I don't know if that helps or not. E-mail me if you have more questions. artwithmre@yahoo.com