Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Various Displays

I really don't know where this school year is going! The time has been flying.
Right after the holiday break, I pushed to get students to wrap up what we started at the beginning of December! With the term coming to a close, I am still chasing after the stragglers, but I did manage to put up some bulletin boards around the school by the end of January.

These are previously posted Willow Pattern Plates in a display case with old fabric as a backdrop, outside my classroom. It is also at the end of the 6th grade hall, so the kids were pretty excited to see the display. 

Outside of the lunch room I posted these fantastic 2 point perspective cityscapes. Every year, without fail, these take FOREVER! Next year I hope to do two point perspective tree houses with watercolor (found it on Pinterest!).

Finally, I compiled photos and information for a power point that ran on our display board in the lobby for the last three weeks, about the Sketchbook Project and the school's participants. Lots of comments about how professional the display was. I was just proud to show off my students' hard work! And, how cool is it that we have a display board in the lobby!?
My principal joked in the weekly staff newsletter that people shouldn't stand still too long, or I will turn them into a display! I may be a "first year" teacher, but people are noticing!


  1. Those are all really great. I love the 2 pt perspective. What a cool video screen you have to display things!

  2. Oh, your blue willows look SPECTACULAR! The perspectives are great too - what grade are they?

    1. Thank you Phyl. The perspectives are by grade 8. Some students really got into it, like the one with the McDonald's sign.