Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Strong

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I am sad.
I am angry.
I felt scared.

I wasn't even in the city Monday.
No one I know personally has been injured, thank goodness, but it's all too close for comfort.

After the police and FBI swept campus yesterday, it was cleared to attend evening classes. It was a surreal experience to drive onto a normally hustling and bustling campus on a beautiful, spring evening. We took care of the business of graduate school in a somber state, managing to have a few laughs and avoiding deep conversations. No one was on the road on my drive home, as I passed friends, family and neighbors walking to a candle light vigil. As I drove the beach home, like I do every Tuesday, I couldn't help but look in the side view mirror, with the Boston sky line smiling at dusk, reminding me that we are strong, we are Boston. 


  1. So horrific, tragic, and heartbreaking. My son lives/works in Boston, and thankfully he and all of his friends are safe. A year ago they were all watching/rooting on one of the 'group' who was running in the marathon, but she wasn't able to run this year,l so thankfully they were all in their work offices. Boston s such a magnificent, young, happy city. It is unfathomable why anyone would do such a thing. My heart is with you, and all of Boston. Stay strong, be safe.

    1. Thank you Phyl for your kind words. I thought of your son, knowing that he is in the area, and I am glad that he and his friends are safe. I am blessed to live in a city of amazing people, and I know, as we already have, that we will heal together and overcome this tragedy. Thank you.