Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Artsy Book Club- First 3 Days

After taking a drawing class this past fall and my painting class on Nantucket over the summer, I've been reenergized as far as making my own art. When I read that Cassie Stephens, was starting an Artsy Book Club, I was really excited for the opportunity to continue creating from the comfort of my home and sharing my efforts on the world wide web with fellow Art teachers.

If you haven't read about it so far, theres a bunch of Art teachers reading and drawing along with One Drawing a Day. Below you will find my first... and second attempts of the first three days.

 First I set up a still life. eh. I have just started to draw with pen and this was an okay attempt.

A couple of days later I was inspired to draw our beloved "Blue Chair" to redeem myself.

The next day was a challenge with pen and ink. At the time I didn't have one, so I used a pen I had from my textile design days, meant to be used with guache. I loaded it up with slightly watered down green watercolor.

 This plant is pictured in the Blue Chair drawing above.

Day Three's challenge was to draw someone in proximity.
I bought pen and ink at this point, but the pen's nib was broken and rather erratic. I managed to get a satisfying drawing of my boyfriend's hands. Then, trying to subdue the pressure, I drew my boyfriend's face while he was watching the end of the most recent Super Man movie. This time I  dipped the end of a shish kabob skewer in ink. I was able to control the ink much more easily. Can you tell he is wearing a hoodie and in the blue chair from Day One?

I think this drawing captures his Clark Kent (handsome (serious)) alter ego pretty well!
(He's a teacher by day, bassist by afternoons and weekends)


  1. Yay!! I love your drawings! The blue chair...looks so happy and comfy. I see why you drew it :)

  2. My favorite is the headless torso. It says so much without needing a face to do so. Great job!