Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

I can hear sirens through the winds of tropical storm Arthur as I type. All of the typical Nantucket activities were postponed until tomorrow, same time, same place. So far the lights have flickered a few times and the weather has only forced us to stay indoors and require us to hang out together. In preparation, I picked up popcorn, cheese and crackers, beer and cards. We had a couple of fun rounds of Uno and a late dinner, before settling down for the night.
The winds are still howling as I get ready for bed. I look forward to some water fight adventures down town tomorrow before heading to the beach! As far as painting goes, I have three and a half canvases going and hope to work on them during the quiet hours of the morning this weekend. Next week begins a further study of abstraction and our final piece or pieces. Right now I am leaning towards canvases that work together as a whole. But only time will tell. Photos soon, promise!

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