Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ANOTHER snow day!?

seriously folks, I have not taught a full week of school since before Christmas vacation.
front yard in December

front yard this morning

we have had a snow day, two hour delay AND early release due to all this snow. my New Year's resolution was to get myself in shape and all this shoveling is most definitely keeping me on track!

since returning to school in January, I feel as though I have been playing catch up. I threw a few lessons out there to get us back into the swing of things, and now those lessons are taking weeks to finish with all the upsets to our schedule. I remain hopeful for the end of the year however. Here are my thoughts:
  • grades 2 and 3: reading books by Laurence Anholt, and creating art inspired by the new artist. grade 2 has already learned about "The King of Color" and made scrap paper collages, fauve portraits and goldfish mixed media works.
  • grades 4 and 5: a drawing unit... we started this past week with an optical illusion using line and shading I found on Art with Mr. E's blog. the kids are really stoked about it! I took the opportunity to introduce color schemes along with it, and even though the assignment will not be finished this week, its nice to have as a go to when I hear "I'm done, now what?" ... next week we are going to read Art & Max by David Weisner and learn how to draw a lizard; much like Max who wants to be an artist and through his misadventures, makes Art colorful... later, we will learn how to draw people and portraits. And take the portrait idea to learn about Modigliani and Picasso.
  • middle school: I know I have a million ideas written down, but not too much is coming to mind right now... grade eight will be working on a value drawing in the hopefully near future... grade seven and six are working on Matisse inspired paintings and will be moving on to Keith Haring and (possibly) architecture, respectively. 
sadly, I have no photos of the awesome work we have been doing... I need to get better at that. and a new, improved, camera is on my birthday list! and recommendations? 

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