Friday, September 2, 2011

E.T. Phone Home?

Lately I feel as though I am in this alternate universe.

At home, I have two new sets of neighbors across the street, one next door and one downstairs. (I live close to the city, one with many, many, colleges) At work, I have moved from private to public school... I have moved classrooms, I have said goodbye, I have gone to orientation, I have meet new people in my building... I am going back to college. I am gearing up for classes and am hopeful for a new routine.

A part of me wishes I was gearing up for senior year of college again. I know, I did my student teaching spring semester, but sometimes, I wish I could do it again. Enjoy all the little moments. All the parties and events. All the school activities, the senior art show, my own show, the kids' art show...

Now, I am thinking about the spring art fundraiser, that I will be in charge of for the first time. I am thinking about making the best, first impression on these middle school kids....
To be completely honest, I pretty much hated middle school. I suppose I enjoyed it more than the beginning of high school, but middle school held some of the more difficult years of my life. All the more reason why I put pressure on myself to be the best I can be for these kids.
Whether Mr. Paul, in middle school, or Mr. MacPhee and Ms. Bell, in high school, realize it, art class was a time for me to be myself. I could relax. I could ask questions without being in fear of being ridiculed. I could make things I felt proud of...

And maybe, just maybe, thats why I have become a middle school teacher. I always wanted to be. I always, even in college, knew I would be in secondary edu.(at time higher edu) in some capacity.
And now, after the pressure of "new professional" orientation has passed, and having asked a few questions of my very down to earth, approachable principal, I am confident. I have so much freedom in the material that I present, as long as it meets the frameworks, I know I can do this... So many people say that your first year is survival mode. Its not until your third year do you really get idea of what you are doing... So where does that leave me?
In this alternate universe, knowing what I want to bring, knowing a few things about the material I want to present, and learning the rest along the way.
Really, what better place is there?

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