Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a glimpse and substitute plans

These are the bulletin boards to the right and the left of my chalkboard. I've only wished for a whiteboard just recently when I started teaching perspective... I've been going home covered in chalk dust after demonstrating on the board!

Tomorrow I am headed to my mentor's school to hang out and observe. That means someone will be covering my classes for the first time in my teaching career. At my school last year, I was out once and art classes were just canceled for the day. Needless to say, I am nervous. I have tried to lay out all the details, procedures and materials, and hid all the paint under the counter! I left three lessons for the sub to choose from:

I came across this plan via Pinterest. I followed it back to School Arts and felt like with a little prep, this would be a quality substitute lesson, especially since eighth grade has been working hard learning about perspective. The students will plan a design to flow from panel to panel of a cube template, color and assemble.

While over at the School Arts blog, I noticed that "Miss" at a faithfal attempt left a comment about her Black & White Doodle Design substitute plan. I've always loved black and white doodles and really enjoy the idea of creating a focal point, so this lesson was a natural fit.

Finally, a Jasper Johns "Numbers in Color" inspired name and birthday design, completed using, a pattern, color scheme or theme.

I left everything on the front table, except for the markers, crayons, colored pencils that are in the cabinet behind this table (and I pray are returned), adorned with plenty a sticky note for specific directions.


  1. I love your rules bulletin board. I'm going to post a link over on my art bulletin board blog.


  2. Cool ideas (including mine ;)
    I love the cube design project- just pinned it! You can never have too many back-up/fool-proof Sub lessons imo.