Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Full Week (almost) Complete!

And I am exhausted.
My ankles are swollen. I have a blister on my left heel after the third time wearing my new sandals. My face has broken out from stress and sweat and I swear the bags under my eyes are darker.
But I LOVE my job!
I am so thrilled to be teaching high school. And in the afternoons when I return to the middle school, its like coming home. After a year in the building, I know the kids, I'm comfortable with my co- workers and I am focused on staying organized and getting awesome work done with my students.
At the high school, the kids, for the most part, want to be there. I dove right in and challenged them with forty minute long still life drawings from observation and upside down drawing exercises. I am amazed at their abilities and can't wait to see where their freedom and creativity will take them this year. I will be introducing the first long term activities of the year starting tomorrow with seventh and eighth grade. And using my new projector and document camera!


  1. I feel you on the feet part. The first day of school I decided to wear a new pair of shoes....I ended up hot gluing felt into them around the heal because they were hurting my feet so badly.. FAIL!

    1. Been there! I had a pair of shoes that kept slipping off the heel, so I used some sticky back foam I had in my classroom to make a heel pad. Hope your feet are better now!

  2. You are in such high spirits this year! Keep it up! I tend to go for flip flops the first few weeks of school till me feet are used to standing all day again. Ballet slippers are what I wear the rest of the school year... I get them cheap so I don't really care if I get paint on them which is almost a yearly occurrence.