Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Teacher Research as an Art Educator

I am taking my last required course for my Master's in Education this semester: "Teacher Research".
My one other course is an online elective about Critical Thinking. Spring and summer semesters this school year will be my last three courses and all electives!

I want to share my research questions with you, my cyberspace art teacher colleagues and friends, for your input, guidance and feedback. Over the course of this semester, I will be collecting data in my classroom and therefore implementing activities to facilitate collection. I have a few ideas about what I can do, but other thoughts and perspectives are always welcome. While I am going to class each week, there are no other art teachers and my professor's experience is in reading. She even said that she has never had an art teacher in her course before!

The BIG Question:
To what extent can incorporating visual thinking skills in the art classroom help students become more comfortable talking about art and improve their creativity?

The Smaller Questions:
  • How can group discussions centered on a work of art become more rich and in-depth?
  • What techniques have I discovered that help students work through the creative process?
  • To what extent will students be able to affectionately analyze their own work?

    Thank you in advance for your input, ideas and expertise. It is greatly appreciated.


  1. I'm taking Art Education Research Methods right now. I don't think we actually conduct classroom research in this course, just learn how to do it, then maybe use our hypothetical research ideas in the big research project at the end of our coursework.

    How are you defining "visual thinking skills"? Are you trying to prove cause and effect or just looking for correlation? Also, have you done your literature review yet? I have much better luck with JSTOR than with ERIC.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Katie!
      I should probably call "visual thinking skills" visual thinking strategies. I know little about the curriculum based on the work of Abigail Housen and Philip Yenawine, but after a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts earlier this month, I am interested in learning more. You can find more information at www.vue.org

      I am looking for correlation. I have not done the literature review but started to look around for some journals. Thanks for the information about what you've had more luck with so far! Good luck!

  2. Ohhh, interesting! I'll have to check out the visual thinking strategies!