Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America! from Nantucket

There was an eerie quiet as we walked through normally bustling streets on our way back from the beach this afternoon. I am guessing that everyone is on the beach, in town, or at home resting up for tonight's festivities. That's actually what we are doing before we head to a barbque and fireworks.

This morning was awesome!
Around 11 or so we walked into town. On our way we heard the fire engine which then parked in the middle of Main Street. A little after 11:45, the fire hose opened and a massive water fight began. The place was packed! Kids and adults alike were armed and ready, with hoses and fire hydrants at the ready for refills. I've never seen anything like it in my life.

As innocent bystanders, we got wet. But it was all in good fun. In fact it was rather refreshing!
After town, we grabbed some lunch and headed to the beach. I even took public transportation there!
The waves were awesome. I wished I wore my other, more sturdy suit, but I enjoyed jumping the waves and body surfing. I totally need to find time and come back this weekend. I am thinking I might pack some canvases and art supplies tomorrow after class. That way I can go to the beach in the AM and paint at home in the afternoon. (Then rest and go out at night!)

The rest of the day should be fun and I will try to take some more pictures. I love having a decent camera on my phone.

By request, here is where the light house painting is. I don't think it is done, but I need a super small brush, (patience) and some time for it to dry.
 In the mean time I started a third painting. I am really glad I took a photo because I was feeling very discouraged with this one. I wanted to experiment with color, getting a little more abstract, and try out a palette knife. I was struggling, but happy with how I ended for the day. I plan to lighten the sky and pull out the details in the sand... which is gray and dark now.

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