Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nantucket Adventure: Eating (and days 3 and 4)

We are here for a solid two weeks.
There is no way I can eat out every single night. I am sure I could, but I would be broke and fat.
So, I have been to the market at least once a day since arriving. When I say market, I mean small, jam packed with groceries and people, Stop N Shop. Over the last few days, we have pretty much eaten in town, but now that class has started, we mostly agree that it needs to be cheaper and easier.

I brought a loaf of bread, peanut butter, strawberry jelly and a bag of pretzels to the field station today for lunch and shared with whomever wanted. We decided to go to the market on the way home and get lunch fixings for the rest of the week. There is a kitchen at the field station, so it makes sense to leave supplies instead of trucking it all over everyday.

Tonight, I made dinner in our condo for the first time.
I could have picked up something easy like mac n cheese or a microwave meal, but I have gotten really used to eating healthy, so I attempted one of my favorite burrito recipes, but without the comfort of my own kitchen.

First, there was no cutting board.
Then, I had to find a can opener.
Finally, I had to go two different apartments to find a cookie sheet.
I managed to chop all the veggies with a steak knife before roasting on whatever sheet it was that I found. I am amazed that I was able to balance the spices in a taco seasoning packet with the onion, garlic and olive oil I had on hand. The results were pretty delicious!


As far as class goes, today was our first official day painting. We were at the field station from about 10 to 5, however we started with a field trip to Sankatay Light around nine in the morning.

I am amazed by the beauty of this island, even through days and days of rain and fog. The pattern the last day or so has been to clear up around mid day, get foggy and drizzly around four or five and clear up again just in time to eat dinner outside. In fact, a few of us have enjoyed adult beverages at our soggy picnic tables with bug spray and citronella candles. The other night our professor invited us into his condo and we sat around for a good hour or two talking about movies and books, traveling and family. The entire experience has been very refreshing on many levels.

I don't know if I will post every painting I do, but I am so proud of my very first oil painting.  It is not done yet though. The first photo is after day two and the one above is where I left it today. I would like to go back and work on a few spots, but overall I am incredibly happy.

Needing a break (and knowing our mid term critique is on Friday (with Thursday off for the fourth) and we should have a few paintings by then) I moved on to a new painting. I really should have taken a photo of the under painting, because it was soooo different from where it is now. I started with washes of yellow green, burnt sienna (I think) and a royal feeling purple. Then I went back and added the real color. I love the richness and depth that layering provides. I don't know why I waited so long in life to start painting!

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