Thursday, August 21, 2014

7.31, 7.30, 7.29

I cannot believe that three weeks ago I was in Roatan, Honduras! It was a beautiful and relaxing day, despite some cloudy skies and down pours to start. 

view from our cabin before anchoring

Carnival basically built a beach, as far as I know, at the port. Unless you take an excursion through the cruise ship, I'm not sure how safe this port is in reality. You can walk or take the sky ride right from the dock to Mahogany Bay. We walked through the shops and well manicured "jungle" before hitting the little beach club comprised of a few bars, a restaurant and loads of beach chairs.

Thats the Carnival Legend from our seats on the beach!

And once the sun and the crowds came out.

It really was pretty gorgeous. I brought some color pencils with me and attempted to sketch from the beach, but nothing could do this justice. The water was clear and comfortable. We were in pretty often as it was hot! On the walk back, I bought a necklace and mahogany earrings from a local vender.

The day before, my mom and I went cave tubing in Belize. I did not bring my camera, so I don't have any photos... Unfortunately, there was a lot of waiting that day. We waited for the tender boat for what felt like over an hour. Then the tender took about fifteen minutes. Then we were herded into groups for our excursions and waited for a bus. The bus took us about forty five minutes west. Once we were there, we geared up in life vests, helmets with head lamps and tubes. We then trekked about twenty minutes into the jungle before linking tubes and floating down the river. 

I totally just stole these from my mom. Although I did take them on her camera. Thanks mom!

Check out those palms! We were seriously in a jungle. This was the second bus of the day. It was a manual in order to take us up and over a steep hill to the base camp.  
I have to say, after tubing, this is where I had the best nachos, ever. I know I had to wait for what felt like forever to get there, but I actually watched them make my nachos! There was another forty five minutes back, but I had a nice nap and at the end of the day, knew I had a very unique experience. 

The day before Belize, I dragged my family on an excursion I selected. This brought us to a museum called Discover Mexico and to a national park called Chankanaab in Cozumel, Mexico. 

Our tour guide, Ruy, was very knowledgeable. He led us through Discover Mexico, allowing us to take in the artistry from multiple generations, as well the "to scale" landmarks throughout history. 

detail of the Tree of Life, clay

I loved the artwork! 
I also may have freaked out by all the fish near us, but snorkeling at the park was awesome.

Our ticket included lunch at Discover Mexico. We watched a woman hand press the corn tortillas! I must have missed the explanation of sauces at the end of the buffet line though.

The green salsa was so hot, I think my eyeballs were sweating! (But soooo good)

Here we are in Cozumel! The Three Generations. 

did you read the beginning of the cruise, 7.27?

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