Thursday, October 11, 2012

I got one!

This year I travel between two schools. I am at one of the two high schools in our city in the morning and one of the five middle schools in the afternoon (its the same school as last year, but now I'm full time between the two). I have about 75 students at the high school, primarily at the Art One level. There are a handful of students in each section that don't really want to be there and most likely were randomly assigned Art as an elective. I am doing my best to try to rope them in. Or at least keep them interested.

One student on the first day of classes was pretty hesitant. She informed me right off the bat that she can't draw, but she'll give it a try. I cheered her on, saying that's exactly the kind of attitude I like to hear and I will do my best to provide her with the tools to succeed.  Since then, she is one to always have her hand up to answer my questions and willing to take suggestions and learn.

At the end of last week, she missed a couple of classes and her friends told me that she was in a computer applications class. Sure enough I got an email today saying that she was trying it out, since the teacher had promised her if there was a spot she would let her try. At the conclusion of the email, the teacher said " Good for you- she has chosen to stay with Art."

I'm glad the teacher took the time to let me know. It made my day.