Saturday, May 14, 2011

stretch k

When I was a kid, my brother had a doll named Stretch Armstrong. His arms and legs where made out of some sort of silly, stretchy, putty and we would spend hours testing how far we could stretch his appendages.

I am feeling a little like that doll lately.
we get the keys to our new apartment and begin moving today.
the school's first annual art show is quickly approaching (and I still don't have panels to hang the work!)
and I am directing the summer program that begins July 5th, and currently have next to nothing planned.

I met with my principal yesterday about the various plans we have and I know she is feeling the same way. never a dull moment there days!

I have tons of great activities going on in room 15 too! when things settle down, I will return with some pictures.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

wohoo double digit followers AND the Versatile Blogger Award! crazy!
Seriously, I only started blogging in January, mainly so I didn't have to post pictures of my kids work on facebook or email my mom every week to keep her updated on my art room adventures. since beginning to teach four years ago, the internet has been a life saver. we would be drawing a still life every week and only studying artists I could find books on at the library if it wasn't for everything I have found online. it started with getty's teacher art exchange email list serve and has expanded to checking in on blogging buddies across the states and around the world. I've even found my college roommate who returned to Nebraska to teach!

So, after receiving this award, I need to follow a few rules:

Rule #1
Thank the person who gave you your award and link them back to your post.
Thank you Anne at Use Your Coloured Pencils for honoring me with this award. It is so cool that someone all the way in Perth reads my blog about teaching art at a small, private school outside of Boston!

Rule #2
Tell us seven things about yourself.
1. I am in the process of finding my 4th apartment since 2007... I am like a nomad... who hates the process of moving. 

2. I have a small collection of gnomes. I received a Red Sox gnome for Christmas this year and named him Remy.
3. I also asked for, and received, a chia pet, but after leaving it to grow in my classroom, it died.
4. I have however managed to keep plant from my childhood home alive! 
5. I do not have a pet, but dog sat this weekend and will dog sit again next weekend. I enjoy the short amount of responsibility at a time... its like having a kid and I'm not ready for that. I also don't like the excessive doggie kisses. yuck!
6. When I teach, I have to take out my nose ring and although my principal said my foot tattoo is ok to show (its a series of stars) I still insist on wearing the ugliest shoes to keep it hidden.
7. I am hoping to work on a Master's in Education this fall.

Rule #3 
Award ten recently discovered bloggers. 
I don't know if I can do ten, as many people I follow have already been given this award:
I was super excited when I found Ms. Wilkinson having graduated with her from UMASS Dartmouth. Wilkinson's Wonderful World of Art
Mrs. Hurley at ttp://  a local MA art teacher like me!
Rule #4
Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received their award.