Sunday, March 9, 2014

Youth Art Month is in Full Effect!

I had the most fantastic day yesterday.
I volunteered to help hang the state wide Youth Art Month exhibit. 
I took the train to Boston Common and managed to walk about ten minutes in the wrong direction, before turning around to Boylston Street and making my way to the Theater District.

Myself and about 18 or 19 other people hung art between 9am and 3pm. There were paintings, drawings, mixed media, and ceramics/ 3D works. 
I worked on hanging the heavy paintings, on the main wall, the entire time, except for lunch. 

When I was looking for name tags, I noticed that all five of the submissions I was allowed to enter, were a part of the show. 

I was so energized to meet other like minded people. I enjoyed the thrill of organizing art to make the best possible display and I was overjoyed to know that all of my students' work would be displayed and that our city would be out there. 

I fell in love with these two pieces while hanging the paintings. Above is an 8th grader's work called "Ode to Modigliani." I absolutely love the way the paint was applied and the colors. Below is a 12th grader's work, under the tutelage of one of the young art teachers I worked with to make the display. I was told that he was one of her football players, which makes me love this even more.

I came home from my day in town beaming with pride. The fact that my students' work was included in this show was like winning the homecoming game. I was so happy to tell my principal. 

Plus, about fifteen or sixteen years ago, a watercolor that I painted in eighth grade art class, was entered in the same show. Only at that time, it was at the Worcester Art Museum, not the State Transportation Building. Between that show and future shows like Scholastic Art, I would have never realized my potential. I am extremely happy that I had the chance to perhaps pay it forward. 

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