Friday, April 29, 2011

For Baby

one thing I love about blogging is checking my "stats" at least once a week. I suppose its a sign of the times, maybe even my generation, the instant gratification and the knowledge that someone out there on the world wide web actually cares, even for a few seconds, about my little life. that being said, if you have read my blog more than once, follow me!
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the day came when I had a chance to show off my fourth and fifth grade work during the spring concert. I was actually nervous! mostly because I was not comfortable setting up the projector with my laptop by myself in the church where the concert was held. but, I did it. I think the best compliment I received was that the combination of the images and the kids singing made the fourth grade teacher cry!

So, what we did:
  • First we listened to John Denver's "For Baby" (aka "For Bobbie").
    Then we listened to the song and looked at the book illustrated by Janeen Mason.
  • Finally, we discussed what an illustrator does, talked about what the theme could be and brainstormed what our illustrations could include.
  • Meanwhile, students practiced singing the song in music class.

I am a teacher who enjoys the process of art making. So as much as I know it annoyed some kids, I required students to come up with three ideas. We quickly sketched them in rectangles on an 81/2 x 11. And by quick, I mean that it took some of us a class and a half. We looked at old calendar pages filled with landscapes and animals for inspiration. Prior to starting this lesson, I did a quick lesson about drawing people and faces too. I attempted to conference with each student about which idea they would like to use for the final before starting.

  • The background was lightly sketched on white 12x18, traced with black sharpie, and painted with liquid watercolor.
  • Students were then given a 9x12 white paper and were instructed to draw their people or animals as large as possible. I would give out more paper as needed.
  • The people or animals were colored in with color pencils and students could choose if they would like to trace their lines with sharpie or not.
  • Finally, students cut and pasted their people or animals into the background.
  • I also had a very simple rubric for students to read and grade themselves... I wanted to know their thoughts on their craftsmanship, thought process and in class behavior. 
Maybe I can put the show on you tube, but in the mean time, here is a selection of the almost 70 pieces in yesterdays show. 


  1. I just discovered your blog.
    Beautiful art work from your students.
    I like the softness of line and color

  2. I've enjoyed discovering your blog recently and am awarding you a Versatile Blogger Award.