Tuesday, April 5, 2011

pop art food poster

the paintings that my 7th graders worked on took most of last term to complete. I knew they would need a break, in a sense. I also know that I want to work up to observational drawing before I run out of time. so, introducing pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and the Pop Art movement, seemed like a good fit.
 we viewed a power point of pop art and Lichtenstein's work and reviewed contour line drawings. we then brainstormed different foods, narrowing down the usual subject of everyday objects, and started sketching. 
 once a food or group of food was decided, students drew the outline with sharpie and filled in the object with the marker version of Ben- day dots.  the last instruction was to use a solid marker line design to fill the background.
as part of the assessment, I asked students to describe how he or she used the elements of art. I have them posted on a word wall in my classroom. I don't know if it was my lack of ability to teach, or the kids' laziness, or not being able to see what they did, but it was like pulling teeth to get them to write down that they used color to fill the object or line to fill the background... one of my goals for next year, and for something to focus on in grad school (if I get in) is reflection. I want students to understand and remember their process and reflect on the decisions they made and how they arrived at the final outcome.

overall, whether they understood they used line or color or not, the pop art food posters came out pretty awesome!

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  1. Hi I found a pop art food poster lesson in an art book but it wasn't quite enough for me to work with. When I googled the subject I found your lesson. I was able to put some of your students pictures into a powerpoint and discuss the elements of using colour and lines to fill the space. My grade 3's and they LOVED it. Thank you for taking the time to share your plans and results.