Thursday, August 4, 2011

every new beginning...

...comes from some other beginning's end.

After a long two weeks (and a few days) of waiting, I was offered the part time, public middle school art position. It feels absolutely amazing to have finally reached one of my life goals. I mean, it would be more perfect if it were full time, but over the last five years I've learned a thing or two about getting your foot in the door and waiting things out. I couldn't be more excited though. Really, this will be a great move for my career. I have never been this happy to have stuck with my career choice, as I have in the past year, and I am looking forward to growing in my new job and in my master's studies.

There are two things that I did not foresee being so difficult with this transition:
1. The conversation with co- workers, who were recently informed by our principal that I will not be returning. I feel many are genuinely happy that, as a young person, I have the opportunity to leave the private school and make a more decent salary. But I can hear the disappointment in their voices. That is probably a great reflection of me as a teacher, but my immediate reaction is to frown and say sorry.... like, "sorry for your loss." As if we are at a funeral! Its painful. And if that wasn't enough...

2. Telling the kids. I know, I know, I am so dramatic about this.
Never before this school year was I greeted with hugs, coloring pages, giant smiles (even from middle schoolers!) and gifts of doodles from home. I had 8th graders stop by after school to help clean up (as part of a class assignment, but they came on the regular). I have had some of these students for a handful of years, and have seen them grow.
Maybe this emotional attachment (which I am sure I will be over in a month or so) is because this is the first school I have ever taught at. Or maybe it is just because that is the kind of teacher I am. Who knows.

Either way, the rumor mill works fast in this city and I know the wheels have started to turn. With school not in session, many kids will find out when school starts again, but for those I have at camp next week, I will hopefully find the words to tell them. In the meant time, the 3rd difficult thing about the transition will be cleaning out my classroom. Why are art teachers such pack- rats!?


So, chucks, crayons, and a little creativity will be transitioning from mainly elementary lessons, to middle school lessons come the fall! I am already thinking about the first day of school... watch out!

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