Sunday, October 16, 2011

another latte please!

taken @ the Brattleboro Art Museum (VT) the day before hurricane Irene
Wow! graduate school + teaching part time + life = busy, busy, busy!
I am in the middle of grading our first assignments. Its crazy that some of you are finishing your first nine weeks and are getting ready for new kiddos while I am just finishing the first assignment! To be fair, its a new schedule for me. I see the kids once every four days for the most part and, not thinking, I picked some time consuming activities. This week we will be moving on to some one or two day fall themed stuff to rejuvenate our creativity. I for one am looking forward to using watercolor crayons and pencils, oil pastels and black paper!

Tomorrow is also the first meeting of the first ever Sketchbook Project Club! I just put together a quick slide show of rules (boo!) and my book from last year (yea!) as I only used materials I had in my classroom i.e. watercolor cakes, sharpie, colored pencil, magazines and glue. I also bought some Citra- Solv so I can teach them how to do some image transfers. I am really wicked excited! I even got myself a sketchbook so we can all work together. :)

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