Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Here it is: post number one!

I had a blog in high school, long before the days of facebook and google. I remember sitting at our family's first mac when the bulb in the screen burst or popped or whatever it did when the screen went black and you could no longer see anything...

my laptop may be considered out of date at this point, having been purchased when I was a senior in college, but it serves the purpose of checking email, searching art teacher blogs, looking for inspirational books and typing lessons and self assessments. its been with me (as well as my friends and family) since starting the journey of being an art teacher. after graduating from college, the public school positions were hard to find, at least near where I wanted to live. after two years, working at an after school program and summer camp, I found a part time job at a small, private school. now, I'm there for my third school year, four days a week! the name of the school, the staff and even the combination of students has changed over the years, but I am still the art teacher, trying to make it work as a one woman department.

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