Wednesday, January 5, 2011

in the art room with the candlestick!

happy hump day
this is the second day in a row that I forgot to pack my breakfast. yes, breakfast. I am usually at school by 6:45 in the morning and don't enjoy eating as soon as I wake up. thankfully someone had made banana bread over break and left it in the teacher's room, up for grabs. I didn't feel bad taking the last piece this morning.

speaking of break, I did NOT accomplish what I needed to over the week/ week and a half, mainly planning. I was too busy visiting my family and being a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding. you know, living... needless to say, this week has been spent trying to stay one step ahead of my classes.

one of the difficulties of my position is that I do not have a solid curriculum to follow. each year my job has expanded to teach more and more grades and I become more and more overwhelmed. I have two, huge, binders going of lessons I have taught and I frequently reuse them. this year I have tried to incorporate more seasonal and intermittent "crafty" lessons, especially since I am teaching elementary art. I've tried to keep certain lessons, techniques, or artists for just one grade from year to year, like folk art in fifth grade, keith harring in seventh grade, value and form in eighth. its been a struggle to develop a curriculum as a one woman team.

currently I have second and sixth grade learning about Matisse. so far we have "drawn with scissors" and created collages using my box of scraps. tomorrow grade six will be starting a long term painting, beginning with observational drawing of a Matisse inspired still life. next week, grade two will be looking at the same still life, but focusing on the "goldfish" in the clear containers... I am going to cut fish shapes out of orange paper and have them float in blue tissue paper. I even found in my closet some blue stones that are meant for an aquarium and plan to add those!

I learned today though, that I don't have enough "art teacher junk." I have more than enough fabric, as I continue to get donations for my own work (which never gets started) But I don't have too many random things to make a good still life. I need to start going to yard sales and pick up candle sticks and old fans and fun stuff like that. I suppose I'd need some money in order to do that...

I will post pictures of some of our seasonal activities from the fall and the holidays, when I figure out how to do that. I'll also post pictures of middle school one and two point perspective activities if we ever finish.

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