Monday, October 21, 2013

Found Texture Collage (Exploring Visual Design Part 5)

I find this image absolutely stunning.
Perhaps it is my penchant for purple and my recent adventures on Nantucket.
Either way, this student has a great eye for color and was able to find interesting textures to create this beautiful collage.

Students independently read excerpts from Exploring Visual Design, about actual and implied texture. The exercise was to then find implied textures in magazines and newspapers and build a landscape. Students were encouraged not to cut out entire images, but to try to reassign textures in the construction.

This took a little longer than I anticipated, I think a week and a half, but students really got into it. And I was amazed at some of the results.

Look a little more closely at this one:

This student used an aerial view of a city and a close up of a crowd to build her volcano.  Amazing!

To reiterate texture and pattern, we have started small scratch board landscapes. When we wrap up, I will post more about the lesson.

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