Thursday, October 17, 2013

Exploring Visual Design Part 4

Above is a fantastic example of a student's demonstration of knowledge about organic shape, geometric shape, positive space and negative space. This lesson is adapted from Positive/ Negative Bugs from the Incredible Art Department.
There were a few activities that led up to this final product. First I demonstrated the difference between positive and negative space with a volunteer who stood at the front of the class with his/her hands on his/her hips. I explained that if the volunteer were in a work of art, with edges of a page, the person would be the positive space. I then pointed to the space around the person, and between their arms, labeling that as negative space. With our new knowledge, we looked at a few difference pieces of art, finding the positive and negative spaces in each. Next, each student made a quick collage, cutting black paper, or positive space, and arranging the shapes in a balanced manner, on white paper, the negative space. Finally, I led students through creating their own positive and negative space animal design.

If I were to do this project again next year, I would change the size from 12 x 18 to 9 x12.  I thought a larger size would make it easier to add details to the animals. But despite my warnings to draw large, many students did not. So, we spent about two or so weeks on this activity, when I only wanted to spend about one. Overall, I am pleased and many students were successful.

I did this lesson for the first time about two years ago with eighth grade.  You can read about it here.

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