Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY back patch

Aside from painting, I haven't been that creative this summer. The idea of sitting in the backyard, reading a book in the sun has been much more appealing to me that dragging out all my supplies. However, I had a request!
As I mentioned before, my boyfriend gets a bunch of band t-shirts. Sometimes they don't fit and I get them, but last summer between the two of us, we figured out that we could keep the shirts and turn them into patches. So I was asked if I could put this t-shirt on this sweatshirt. It was pretty easy, and the extent of my sewing skills, but enjoyable to sit and watch Project Runway and sew!

I had my self healing, green cutting mat. A rotary cutter- if you don't have one, get one! I love it! I also had a t-square and your usually sewing notions- needle, thread and pins.

First I squared off the logo, keeping even on all sides. This is where the combo of a rotary cutter, t-square and mat make things super easy!
Next, I centered the logo.
I am a sloppy seamstress so I then pinned the logo before baste stitching all around.
Since the edges of the t-shirt are unfinished, I whip stitched all the way around. That was the tedious step, but once this is washed again, you don't want it to fray.
I have used iron adhesive before, but for pieces this big, it is really uncomfortable. There's not a lot of give.
This was a simple solution, but I get great pleasure knowing that it is pretty unique. I am even more thrilled when my boyfriend comes home from shows and tells me he got complimented on his sweatshirt. I know, I am a dork and I own it!

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