Friday, August 16, 2013


This is not a lesson plan... yet.
Over the last few months, I have acquired a good handful of band t-shirts, but I have not gone to see a single one perform!
My boyfriend is in a local band and frequently purchases records online from other bands and various artists. He recently returned from a few shows in the mid- Atlantic and came back with a bunch of shirts from a swap. Sometimes the bands that send records will send some merch as a bonus. That's how I got the two white shirts. I also inherited the top left shirt from the swap since it shrunk. Plus, who can resit Grumpy Cat? I got some bonus points for knowing that the image references another album cover too. I hardly have the encyclopedia brain my boyfriend has for music, books and movies. That was a huge score on my part!
The Mean Jeans shirt at the top right very much reminds me of one of my students' style and got me thinking. I wonder if somehow I could turn this into a long term sketch book assignment or lesson about illustration and marketing. I am sure my high school kids would be totally into it.
To be fair, the Wolves and the Radio shirt at the bottom right is mine. However, it doesn't fit,  I just wanted to support the band. Since I bought it, the guys have gone their separate ways, but are playing a show together next weekend and I am super excited.

So what do you think?
Sketchbook assignment
Illustration lesson
Screen printing with an art two or art club level
Other ideas?

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