Monday, August 12, 2013

Painting at Home

So I live in an 800, maybe 900 square foot apartment. It's small. Our living room is long enough for a chair and a book case that acts as a tv stand and record player shelf/ storage. We opted to put our bed set in the smaller bedroom so that the second bedroom could be the "rumpus room," equip with guitars, amps, art supplies, desk and futon.
After having free reign of a field station (!) coming home from my Nantucket class was an adjustment as far as painting was concerned.
And it was a concern! I had another two weeks to complete my paintings. However, we had a lovely trip to the Philadelphia area, which I posted about previously, between my return and my due date. I had to figure out a way to paint in the short amount of time I had AND contend with the weather.

Pretty much as soon as I came home, I ordered an easel online. Jerrysartarama carried the one we had been using in class, and it was on sale! So I bought one for myself. In the mean time, I attempted working in the backyard. I set up the stool I bought for class, my Adirondack chair to hold brushes and a folding table for the canvas. It wasn't ideal, but it got the job done.
When we returned from Philly, it was rainy and humid, so I was forced to work indoors. This is a panoramic shot of our "rumpus room." I am standing in the doorway. To the left, there is another bookcase full of records that is also our bar. Followed by the amps and musical paraphernalia, window, desk, art stuff, bookcase and closet (the door is open). The futon has been covered in a black bed sheet as not to get paint on everything. I also have a 5' x 5' drop cloth on the floor. Since I am working with oils, I have both windows open and the one with the fan in it has the fan sucking out the air. There is another fan in the doorway. This helped with circulation. 

It was an intense couple of days.
The humidity made the paintings dry really slowly. I like to layer so this was an issue. Overall, I am happy with my four paintings, but want to work more on this first one... I wasn't happy with the layering and texture.

However, may I present to you, Elemental Nantucket:





Fortunately/Unfortunately, all of these images were captured on my iPhone in the corner of the rumpus room. The lighting is just ok. I hope to create a light box for my classroom this year, so this white corner was the best I could get for my own images.

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